Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7

Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7

DJI have just released the Zenmuse X7 camera for the Inspire 2. This is brand new aerial camera for professional filmmakers.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Introducing the DJI Zenmuse X7 DJI have just released the brand new Zenmuse X7 camera for the DJI Inspire 2, taking aerial filmmaking to an even higher level. The X7 has a Super 35 sensor and is capable of 6K CinemaDNG, 5.2K Apple ProRes and 24 MP stills - the highest quality camera DJI have ever produced. Burst shooting is also available at 20 fps while shooting 24 MP stills. 14 stops of dynamic range capture videos and stills in the highest quality with the clearest detail. The X7 offers an ISO range of 100 – 6400 for video and 100 – 25600 for images. The heliguy™ team are really excited about this new product from DJI and its remarkable capabilities for aerial cinematography. Keep reading for more information on the new DJI Zenmuse X7.

Super 35 Sensor

The X7 includes a new advanced sensor which rivals brands such as RED and ARRI. The Super 35 Sensor supports RAW at 6K and 30 fps or 3.9K at 59.94 fps. A dynamic range of 14 stops gives greater detail in low light conditions as well as increased sensitivity in all light conditions due to the sensor’s size. The X7 has a pixel size of up to 3.91 µm and a diagonal length of 26.6 mm for videos. Further to the above, the Super 35 sensor has a tonal range of up to 9.41 bits and an SNR of 46 dB. Due to the detail of the images and video the sensor is capable of capturing, re framing can also be achieved in post-production. This allows users to completely change the feel of their footage, giving even greater stylistic control. All of the features of the sensor give users outstanding creative possibilities in a wide range of light conditions. Have a look at how the sensor compares against some of its closest competitors. Zenmuse X7 Sensor Size Comparisson

The Lenses

So far, DJI has released four compatible lenses for the X7, with focal lengths ranging from 16 to 50 mm. All lenses are made of durable lightweight carbon fibre and designed to work seamlessly with the X7’s high-quality image sensor. A maximum aperture of f/2.8 is available on each of the lenses. Let’s take a look at the individual lenses. DL-S 16mmThe 16mm features a built-in ND filter, element groups of 13/12/4 and close focus of 0.40 m. The weight of the lens is approx. 182 g. DL 24mmThe 24mm features a leaf shutter, element groups of 9/8/3 and a close focus of 0.65 m. The weight of the lens is approx. 178 g. DL 35mm - The 35mm features a leaf shutter, element groups of 9/8/3 and a close focus of 0.85 m. The weight of the lens is approx. 180 g. DL 50mm - The 50mm features a leaf shutter, element groups of 9/7/2 and a close focus of 0.93 m. The weight of the lens is approx. 182 g. For more information on the availability of the lenses for the X7, see our Prices section below or call our team on 0191 296 1024. Zenmuse X7 Lenses

DJI DL-Mount System

The new DJI DL-Mount uses new FSI-CU technology resulting in a more compact lens mount with thinner interconnection for increased photosensitivity. The DL-Mount has a flange focal distance of 17mm which is around 1/3 of the size of a standard PL-Mount. A combined weight of the mount and lens is around 630 g, significantly lower than previous heavy-duty combinations which weighed up to 40 kg. This gives you access to significantly increased flight time which is estimated at 23 minutes with the Inspire 2. The DL-Mount allows you to change lenses with ease and works flawlessly with the available lenses. DJI DL-Mount System

Formats and Codecs

The X7 is designed for use with a range of different codecs, giving you access to different frame rates, bit rates and FOV. An upgraded CineCore image processing unit is now available, version 2.1. This gives you the capability to shoot in CinemaDNG at up to 6K and Apple ProRes at up to 5.2K. The CineCore update also gives an even greater reduction in noise and artifacts in images, resulting in clearer images with the maximum information available. Additionally, the new EI Mode is now available as part of the upgrade. This mode records in varying sensitivity levels whilst maintaining first-class quality and allows easy colour integration with footage shot on alternate high-end cameras for all kinds of shoots. See the below for the details of the available codecs and their available features. Zenmuse X7 Codecs

DJI Cinema Colour System

The new DJI Cinema Colour System gives users more flexibility in post-production and access to more of DJI’s imaging systems. The first feature of the colour system is a new D-Log curve. The D-Log is able to encode 15 stops of dynamic range resulting in exceptional detail. Even in poor light, details in shadows and highlights are retained for editing. The other new feature of the colour system is the new D-Gamut RGB colour space which covers the entire DCI-P3 colour space. The D-Gamut gives a wider coverage of green tones in images and videos, delivering stunning green gradation. Additionally, D-Gamut also offers skin tone adjustment, ensuring colours are vivid even with wide exposure differences. The new D-Gamut gives your images and videos the correct colour grading making your log previews more beneficial and allows manual colour grading to be completed more easily. DJI Cinema Color System - D-Gamut


The Zenmuse X7 is available for pre-order on the heliguy™ website for £2699.00 inclusive of VAT. To secure your pre-order, a £500.00 deposit is required inclusive of VAT. A DL/DL-S lens set is available including the four available lenses for £4299.00 or individually for between £1199.00 and £1299.00. Shipping is expected to start in November however, keep an eye out on our website and social media for further details.


The Zenmuse X7 is a great release from DJI for professional filmmakers. It rivals the high-end camera manufacturers in a smaller and more affordable package. Creative freedom is given to the user through the interchangeable lenses, updates to the CineCore image processor and DJI Cinema Colour System. From the videos DJI have released so far, the footage from the X7 looks incredible and it’s clear DJI have evolved the aerial filmmaking industry and scenes shot on the X7 will start appearing in television and film. The DJI X7 showreel is can be seen below to demonstrate some of the X7's capabilities. We’ll be looking at the Zenmuse X7 in more detail over the coming months so keep an eye out on our Insider blog and social media pages for more information.
You can speak to a member of the heliguy™ Sales Team for more information on the Zenmuse X7 or any other DJI or Freefly products by phone on 0191 296 1024 or email at
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