DJI AeroScope Mobile Vs DJI AeroScope G8 Portable

Comparison between the DJI AeroScope G8 Portable and DJI AeroScope Mobile drone defence systems. Find out why the G8 Portable is a more powerful solution, including greater detection range as standard, custom geofencing and remote monitoring/alerts, and how it can integrate into a layered drone defence ecosystem.

Protecting A Football Stadium From Drones

Drone halts Premier League match between Brentford and Wolves, showing how important it is to have drone defence at football grounds and other sporting arenas. Find out which drone defence methods can be used to stop this type of incident.

Drone Defence: Don't Cry Wolf

Data integrity is key: Don't cry wolf when it comes to detecting a drone threat. A reliable drone defence strategy ensures threats are detected and the response is appropriate, based on reliable data-driven insights.

Best Counter-UAV Methods

Guide to the best anti-drone technology. Drone defence and drone detection methods include DJI AeroScope, anti-drone guns, and jamming.

DJI AeroScope To Be Added To UK Catalogue Of Trusted Security Equipment

Drone defence expert Heliguy offers AeroScope as part of a layered Counter-UAS plan and has provided solutions to airports, prisons and critical infrastructure.

Heliguy Installs Drone Defence At Gatwick Airport

Heliguy has provided Gatwick Airport with a drone defence and drone detection system, forming part of the airport’s counter-drone technology.

DJI AeroScope Supplied By Heliguy Detected Drones at British Grand Prix

Drone detection system DJI AeroScope – supplied by Gold Partner Heliguy – helped detect illegal flights during the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone.

Were drones really to blame for near-miss with plane?

    Reports say that drones almost hit a Virgin Atlantic jet at 14,000ft –but could UAVs really fly that high?

New extended drone no-fly zone in place from today

New legislation to extend the no-fly zone around airports has come into force today, meaning it is now illegal to fly a drone within 5km of an airport

No-fly zone for drones to be extended at UK airports

Extended no-fly zone banning drones from 5km of runways to come into force next month.

Heliguy assisting UK airports with drone detection

UAV specialist Heliguy has been assisting major UK airports with their drone-detection systems, as well as showcasing other options to enhance defences.

Gatwick Airport: Drone-detection technology is available

    Ground-breaking drone-detection technology is available to spot UAVs –which could potentially stop major incidents like the disruption at Gatwick Airport.

Heliguy was a key delivery partner in ground-breaking Operation Zenith demonstration

    Heliguy was a key delivery partner in Operation Zenith –a world-first demonstration to test how drones and traditional aircraft can safely share the same airspace.

Drone Detection and Tracking with Aeroscope

Heliguy look at DJI AeroScope, a drone detection and tracking solution from DJI. Made for the police, security organisations and aviation authorities.

Heliguy's Guide to Geofencing

Geofencing has become a regular fixture in today's consumer drones. Here is our guide to how it works and which large manufacturers are already using it.

Defence Against Drones

Defence against drones. Everything from shotguns to lasers are being tried to protect from back garden snoopers to international terrorists.