UK CAA Unveils BVLOS Sandbox Trial

The UK CAA is looking for stakeholders to join its Regulatory Sandbox to help shape the future of BVLOS drone operations. Participating organisations will trial systems to enable the integration of UAS into unsegregated airspace utilising temporary reserved areas.

CAA Consultation On UK Drone Regulations

CAA releases Review of UK UAS Regulation consultation, covering topics such as Remote ID, class-marking, and expanding flyer education requirements.

UK Drone Open Category: Transitional Provisions Extended; Class Marks Removed

UK drone Transitional and Legacy provisions in the Open category will now be extended to 1 January 2026. EU class marks on drones will not be recognised in the UK from December 23, 2023.

DJI Mavic 3 Certified C1 Class in Europe

DJI has just become the first drone manufacturer in the world to receive the C1 Class certification for EASA under new European drone regulations, with the DJI Mavic 3 being the first drone to receive this class rating.

UK CAA Recommends Extending Open Category Drone Provisions

UK CAA to recommend to the DfT that Legacy and Transitional drone provisions in the Open Category be 'extended indefinitely' and drone class-marking be re-evaluated. It follows a consultation which attracted more than 4,000 responses from the drone community.

CAA Proposes Extension To Drone Provisions In Open Category

The UK CAA has launched a consultation, proposing to extend the Legacy and Transitional drone provisions in the Open category. An extension would be good news for drone operators, especially those flying Transitional aircraft in the A2 subcategory with an A2 CofC.

Mavic 3 Drone Class Marking: DJI Official Statement

The Mavic 3 has been released with no class marking, but DJI insists the issue is of 'the utmost importance' and hopes to 'resolve it as quickly as possible'. Find out what this means and where you can fly in the UK.

UK Drone Registration Theory Test Guide

UK drone users need to sit a theory test as part of new UK registration scheme; The pass mark is 30 out of 40 multiple choice questions. The test focuses on safety and how to fly legally; You can refer to The Drone and Model Aircraft Code during the test and you sit it... Read More

OSC Consultancy Launched By Heliguy

An Operating Safety Case (OSC) consultancy is available at Heliguy, to help commercial drone pilots obtain special permissions from the UK CAA.

Convert Your PfCO To A GVC

Heliguy is running a PfCO to GVC Conversion Course, enabling commercial drone pilots to benefit from updated provisions as part of the new UK drone laws.

FAA Drone License - Do I Need One?

A guide to having a drone license in the United States. Find out when you need a drone license, what you have to do to get one, and how much it costs.

New UK Drone Laws Delayed

UPDATE (Friday, June 5, 2020): New European drone laws which were set to start in the UK have been delayed for a second time, the Civil Aviation Authority has announced this afternoon. The regulations are now scheduled to commence on Thursday, December 31, 2020. The laws were originally due to begin in July this year,... Read More

UK Drone Laws: New Drone Classes (VIDEO)

Fourth in a series about new drone laws starting in the UK in July. This video looks at CE Markings and the new classes of drones which will be introduced.

UK Drone Laws: The GVC And Using Your PfCO (Video)

Third in a series about new UK drone laws starting in July. The video looks at the GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) and what to do with your PfCO.

UK Drone Laws: Overview (Video)

First in a series about new UK drone laws starting in July. This overview video looks at the Open, Specific, and Certified categories, A2 CofC, GVC and PfCO.

UK Drone Laws: The Open Category (Video)

Second in a series about new UK drone laws starting in July. This video looks at the Open Category, including the A1, A2 and A3 subcategories, and the A2 CofC.

A2 CofC v GVC: Which UK Drone Training Course Is Best?

Guide to the A2 Certificate of Competency and General Visual Line of Sight Certificate, including Heliguy training courses and what to do with your DJI drone.