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Heliguy Blackbox – New Online Drone Training

Heliguy Blackbox is a new online drone training hub for PfCO, A2 CofC and GVC candidates; Speak to an expert Heliguy instructor through live interactive chat; Easily-accessible and on-demand content provides flexible and comprehensive learning – any time and any place; Blended learning solution, including pre-recorded videos, task sheets, and coursework; Access bonus material, such as extra courses, in-depth industry blogs, exclusive hardware discounts through Heliguy and our industry partners, and Operations Manual renewals; Heliguy Blackbox membership is free for former and current Heliguy candidate; Free transition to A2 CofC... Read More

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Heliguy Delivers Drone Pilot Training To Network Rail

Heliguy delivers training to Network Rail as the organisation aims to expand its team of drone pilots; Network Rail using DJI drones for infrastructure inspections and maintenance checks along its nationwide network – saving money, increasing efficiency and improving safety in the process; Heliguy assisting Network Rail with drone supply, servicing and training after winning a place on £2.6million Unmanned Aircraft Services framework; Network Rail praises Heliguy’s ‘well structured and well delivered’ training course, says Heliguy has delivered stock quickly, and is keen to utilise our R&D department. Heliguy has... Read More

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DJI Activates U.S. Disaster Relief Drone Program Amid Coronavirus Crisis

DJI has activated its Disaster Relief Program to equip public safety agencies across the United States with drones to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Drones have quickly emerged as a vital technology for public safety agencies during the coronavirus crisis as they can safely monitor public spaces, broadcast messages over loudspeakers, spot unsafe activities, create 2D and 3D maps of future testing sites or problematic locations, and provide live video from critical areas – all from a safe distance. As a result, and to support first responders on the... Read More

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Flying In A Desert Environment With The DJI M600 Pro

Global drone services provider CG Labs successfully completed a challenging mission in the Middle Eastern desert using the DJI M600 Pro. The drone was flown for image collection and mapping; The drone stood up to scorching heat, and sand and dust, and outperformed a fixed-wing model; Heliguy’s in-house technical team integrated the drone with a Canon EOS 5DS DSLR, as well as building a GPS module on top of the aircraft to allow full GPS tagging; Find out how CG Labs operated in Saudi Arabia, including securing the necessary permissions,... Read More

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Five Ways A Thermal Camera Drone Can Help You

Drones with a thermal camera are helping to increase efficiency, improve safety, and maximise return on investment; Professionals are benefiting from drones and thermal cameras across a range of sectors, such as public safety and industrial inspection; Key tools include the DJI M200 drone series integrated with an XT2 thermal sensor, and the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual which has a thermal sensor built in; Read a collection of success stories which highlight the benefits of this technology; Find out how DJI Gold Partner Heliguy can support your enterprise drone... Read More

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Drones Join Fight Against Coronavirus

Drones are showing their worth in the fight against coronavirus and demonstrating the benefits of operating remotely; Drones with loudspeakers are being used to share key information. The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise – with a loudspeaker accessory – is a perfect tool for this; Drones, like the DJI Agras, are spraying disinfectant, while UAS with thermal cameras are detecting people’s temperature; Drones can spray disinfectant ’50 times faster’ than traditional methods, and reduce the risk to workers by accessing areas remotely; The current COVID-19 crisis shows the potential of drone... Read More

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DJI Leads The Way As Public Safety Drone Use Rises In U.S.

Center for the Study of the Drone At Bard College has published the third edition of its Public Safety Drones report, which shows public safety drone use in the U.S. is continuing to rise; DJI drones – as sold by Heliguy USA – are the most popular choice of UAS for public safety agencies in the U.S; At least 1,578 state and local public safety agencies in the U.S. have acquired drones; 70% of disclosed public safety agencies with drones work in law enforcement; California, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida... Read More

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Atkins Using Drones For Increased Efficiency

Atkins, a member of the SNC Lavalin Group, is using drones for increased efficiency, improved safety, reduced costs, and high-quality data capture; Heliguy completed a custom build for Atkins – integrating a Sony RX1R II sensor with a DJI M600 Pro drone; Atkins praises Heliguy’s ‘design and development focus’ and describes M600 Pro as a ‘tried and tested system that provides high levels of redundancy and confidence when operating’; Check out eye-catching 3D models of a listed mansion house, created by Atkins using the DJI M600 Pro and Sony RX1R... Read More

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UK Drone Laws: New Drone Classes (VIDEO)

Ahead of new European drone regulations starting in the UK in July, Heliguy is publishing a series of educational videos on our YouTube channel to help you understand the rules and how they will impact you. To reach as many people as possible, we will also publish this video series on our blog, with a full transcript of each video. This is the fourth video in the series. The others are: Part One: Overview. Part Two: The Open Category. Part Three: The GVC And Using Your PfCO. Transcript: UK Drone... Read More

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Drones Are Vital – First Responders Tell Senators

First Responders from Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District – who both use DJI drones – share success stories with the Californian Senate Select Committee; Senators told that drones are an ‘absolute force multiplier’ and help public safety crews do their jobs more efficiently, effectively and safely; Senators urged to ‘remove any barriers’ which deter agencies from adopting UAS; Meeting hears that transparency was key to allaying initial public concerns about privacy. Drones are a force multiplier and are essential for public safety and enhancing disaster response,... Read More