DJI Zenmuse H20T vs XT2 vs FLIR Vue TZ20-R

An in-depth comparison between the DJI Zenmuse H20T, FLIR Vue TZ20-R, and DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal cameras for drones.

DJI Drone Rescues Missing People

    Watch footage showing the moment a DJI drone and thermal camera helped rescue six missing people from treacherous duneland –finding them in less than five minutes.

Onboard Supercomputer Automates DJI Drone Flights

Heliguy partners with CG Labs and Lorenz Technology to integrate AI-Link with DJI M210 drone, allowing pilots to pre-programme flights and share data securely.

How The DJI M210 Drone Is Transforming Aerial Inspections

    Drone Evolution says it can carry out more work than ever before thanks to its reliable and stable fleet of DJI M210 drones –supplied by DJI Gold Partner Heliguy.

Customised DJI M210 Drone ‘Most Versatile’ For Volcano Gas Inspections

DJI M210 drone, supplied by Heliguy and equipped with custom payload, is 'one of the best' for short-range gas inspections of volcanoes. Drones are transforming volcano inspections.

In Depth Look at the M210 Series

Heliguy look into the features of the new Matrice 210 enterprise drones including video footage of the aircraft in flight.