Coverdrone Announce Pay Per Day Drone Cover

Coverdrone Announce Pay Per Day Drone Cover

Coverdrone announce pay per day insurance for commercial and hobbyist drone pilots adding to training & annual cover. Cover gives you access to the FlySafe app

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Coverdrone Announce Pay Per Day Drone Cover Coverdrone recently released a new pay per day option for flexible drone insurance. Policies are available through the Coverdrone FlySafe app with terms between one and seven days. This policy adds to their existing range of Flight Test and training cover and annual cover. These insurance solutions cover drone pilots with the majority of aircraft from hobbyists who make the occasional flight to commercial drone pilots who fly daily. All policies are compliant with EU Regulation EC785/2004 to provide public liability and aviation liability insurance and public liability under regulation 785/2004. As an added benefit, with any insurance policy, you will receive access to Coverdrone’s FlySafe app. Keep reading to find out the full details of Coverdrone’s new pay per day, drone training and annual drone insurance policies.

Pay Per Day Cover

The new pay per day insurance from Coverdrone is made for commercial and hobbyist drone operators who don’t need long-term policies such as annual cover. With the pay per day, drone operators can insure their aircraft from one to seven days with a minimum period of 24 hours. Options are available liability cover and equipment cover, dependent on the customer’s need. Liability cover of one million is available for hobbyist users or for commercial users, one or two million. Multiple aircraft can be covered under one policy including all DJI drones as well as numerous pilots. Choose for your cover to start in just 10 minutes of applying for last-minute flights or select a day within the next 30 days. This means you can choose for your cover to start for a planned flight, without having to worry about it on the day as you know you’re already covered. If your policy runs out and you still need cover, simply add extra days through the app. Policies are purchased through the iOS and Android app. Whilst your policy is access, you will receive full access to Coverdrone’s FlySafe app features. This includes safety and planning tools for your drone flight. Full features can be seen below in the ‘FlySafe App’ section. New DJI Mavic Air

Flight Test and Training Insurance

Designed for cover during commercial drone operator training, this policy covers a 30-day period. Policies are available following the completion of a Ground School with a CAA approved NQE. This allows you to practice the manoeuvres required for your Flight Assessment and undertake your assessment with your NQE. The policy will cover liability and equipment, with varying levels available. The policy excess is also flexible to suit your needs. You can also cover multiple aircraft as required so you can test out different aircraft and choose which to take your Flight Assessment with. A huge benefit of the training cover is your policy premium will be refunded in full if you’re to take out an annual policy within 60 days of completing your assessment. This will not be available if a claim is made during the training period. DJI Inspire 2

Annual Insurance

Annual drone policies are available for commercial drone operators with full permissions from the CAA. Like the other two policies, Coverdrone’s annual policy is made to be flexible in order to meet the needs of all commercial operators. Choose the desired rate of public liability to suit your operations with a minimum level of one million. Separate aviation liability is also available to cover events including war and acts of terrorism. Cover is available for flight, storage and when in transit in the majority of countries. Aircraft can be added to your cover at any time to ensure you can instantly cover yourself with new equipment. You can also fly drones you don’t own and add them to your policy as hired equipment. Cover is available for any location as long as the appropriate regulations are adhered to, and you can receive a hired drone if you do encounter any problems. DJI Matrice 210

FlySafe App

As we mentioned in the above, FlySafe is a free of charge app made for Coverdrone customers to purchase pay per day and annual insurance policies as well as plan drone flights with safety in mind. Once a policy is purchased, several tools become available for the length of your policy to help with planning your drone flight and increasing aircraft safety. This includes the following features:
  • Airspace maps
  • Dynamic restrictions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Privacy hazards
  • Safety hazards
  • Manned aviation traffic
These features are powered by the Altitude Angel and are great tools for cutting down on the planning and hugely increasing safety levels, especially when it comes to commercial operation. In the announcement of upcoming changes to the UK drone regulations, the government announced the required use of apps of this kind may come into place. It has not yet been confirmed, however, using the FlySafe app should give users the required information for drone flight. This will be confirmed following the official proposition in Spring of this year. The FlySafe app is available through the App Store for Apple devices and GooglePlay for Android.


Drone insurance through Coverdrone is a flexible solution that caters to all drone pilots. From hobbyist users who need short-term cover to individual commercial operators using their drone as part of their photography business to large institutions who have a drone sector including emergency services. As well as the adaptability of each policy, added features like the FlySafe app and near global cover certainly help Coverdrone standout as leading suppliers of drone insurance. Head to the Coverdrone website for more information on each of their policies. 
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