DJI Recommends Microphones for the Osmo Camera

DJI Recommends Microphones for the Osmo Camera

DJI recommends six microphones that can be used with its handheld, stabilised camera - the Osmo. They're a mix of shotgun and stereo mics.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Users of DJI's new stabilised, hand-held camera, the Osmo have discovered one limiting factor - the microphone. Because of the noise the Osmo makes and because of the location of the built-in mic at the top of the handle, new owners have been contacting DJI and asking them to recommend third party microphones that would fit the bill. DJI Osmo The DJI Osmo Now DJI have announced that, after "testing hundreds of different microphones from lots of different manufacturers", they have come up with a short list of six recommended models. They would probably attach to a universal mount which is available as an accessory. The 3.5mm socket for the mic lead is right next to the built-in mic and above the control trigger. Mic socket on Osmo The mic socket above the trigger with the mic on the right. Osmo universal mount The Osmo universal mount The shortlisted microphones are mainly shotgun (directional) but also stereo and your choice depends on the type of audio you need. Bear in mind that, with a camera that rotates 360 degrees, your sound could easily get out of kilter with the pictures if the mic's in a fixed position. Here's the DJI list of recommended microphones:
Rode VideoMicro The Rode VideoMicro
Rode VideoMic Pro The Rode VideoMic Pro
Sony ECM DS70P The Sony ECM DS70P
Sennheiser MKE400 The Sennheiser MKE400
Mymyk Smartmyk The Mymyk Smartmyk
DED DV-889 The DED DV-889

heliguy™ usually recommend the Rode Videomicro Osmo external microphone. In our experience it provides the best balance between price, simplicity of use and sound quality.

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