Heliguy Interviews Aerospec Ltd.

Heliguy Interviews Aerospec Ltd.

We caught up with Nick Morgan, one of our PfCO trainees. Find out about his company, Aerospec, and how a relationship with Heliguy can benefit your aerial work.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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aerospecbanner As we continue to develop our focus on the enterprise marketplace, heliguy™ has been reaching out to trainees to find out what they have been up to since successfully completing our PfCO training course. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships developed through device focused training, supplying industry leading aircraft and offering an unparalleled level of knowledge to each and every one of our clients. Recently we caught up with Nick Morgan of Aerospec Ltd. an aerial surveying company with strong ties to Heliguy. Based in Lockerbie, Scotland, the company is managed by Nick and Elena Coppola and undertakes a range of surveyance and inspection operations requiring unmanned aerial platforms. aerospecpr Nick completed his Ground School with heliguy™ in February, passed his flight test in May and was awarded his permissions by the CAA in July. This illustrates how quickly you can achieve certification with the right attitude, trainers and support network in place.

Key Details: Aerospec

Here's a rundown of Aerospec's drone fleet, camera equipment and software to give our readers some idea of what's required to function as a successful aerial surveying company.


> Inspire 1 Pro > Phantom 3 Standard > Carbon Core Hexa 950 (x2) > Bormatech Maja Fixed Wing

Cameras & Other Equipment

> DJI Zenmuse X5 > DJI Zenmuse X3 > DJI X3 ft. NDVI-7 > Lumix GH3 > GoPro (modified) > Prime and Zoom Lenses > Camera Cranes & Masts > Handheld Gimbals > In-house CNC Machining > GPS Ground Control Stations > Ground Markers > RTK resources


> Terramodel > Global Mapper > Agisoft Photoscan > Pix4D > Drone Deploy > Altizure > Litchi > UltraGPS > Magix Video Editor Pro > Adobe Lightroom > Adobe Premier Pro > Sony Vegas

Example Projects

> Classic Car Rally Filming > Residential Property Imaging > Orthomosaic Mapping > Digital Elevation Modelling > 3D Modelling > Event Coverage (Video & Still Imagery) > Roof Inspections


We invited Nick Morgan, the Technical Director of Aerospec, to discuss how he's been getting on since completing his training with us. Outlining his views on the market, his favourite aircraft for commercial use and also providing advice for those looking to pursue a business model featuring UAVs; it's a must-read for current industry professionals and those looking to move into the sector. aerospec9 Images Courtesy of Aerospec Ltd.  

What drew you towards working with drones?

NM: A lifelong passion for aviation including flying full size and radio controlled aircraft.  

Do you find that there's a lot of demand for aerial work?

NM: The interest in the use of UAVs is increasing as potential clients become more aware of the capabilities and potential of unmanned aircraft.
Aerospec 1
Aerospec 2

How do you think the industries you work within have been changed by UAVs?

NM: Industries that thought UAVs had no place in their business model are now seeing uses for aerial platforms to complement and enhance their existing resources.  

What is your favourite rig and why?

NM: For me, the Inspire 1 Pro is my main workhorse with interchangeable cameras and, for the X5, a number of lens options including NDVI. DJI are a leading manufacturer of UAVs and I have three of their aircraft. One of the really good things about using DJI products is the ability to download flight logs that saves so much of the paperwork that is required for CAA permission.
Aerospec 3
Aerospec 4

Can you describe a typical job Aerospec are called in for?

NM: The work that Aerospec has undertaken since its formation has varied from promotional videography to high accuracy surveying. No one job is typical as each has to be planned and undertaken as a unique operation. We may see patterns forming as we move into next year and will tailor our services accordingly.  

What has been the most rewarding job you've taken on?

NM: From a personal point of view, we were commissioned to film a classic car rally over a summer weekend. The resulting video comprised of aerial cinematography along with scenes shot using camera cranes (designed and built by Aerospec). The final video was professionally edited in-house and contracted out for copying and packaging. The profits from the DVD went to cancer charities and I was proud to be a part of the team.
Aerospec 5
Aerospec 6

How was your experience with Heliguy's training?

NM: I enquired about training with heliguy™ as a result of a recommendation and I have since recommended them to a number of people that I know are interested. Whilst all aspects of the course and the tests were addressed in an enthusiastic and professional manner, the biggest thing that I have taken away from heliguy™ is the genuine friendliness and readiness to help. You are not an anonymous account - you are a name and a face that the guys all know - for me that is a very important thing to remember in business.  

What advice would you give to people wanting to operate drones commercially?

NM: Understand the requirements to obtain a PfCO, take a really good look at yourself to decide if you are going to meet the requirements, decide whether you want to start your own business or join an existing business, research the training options; THEN CALL HELIGUY!


We'd like to thank Nick Morgan and Aerospec Ltd. for taking the time to answer our questions and also for their kind words about our training. We wish them all the best moving into 2017.

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What better way to start the new year than by investing in drone solutions for your business? It's a great time to become involved in a rapidly growing commercial ecosystem which spans everything from agriculture to offshore surveying. HeliguyDroneTraining Heliguy offers you the means to make this a reality as a one-stop-shop covering service, supply, training and long term support. We take an approach which gives all of our trainees in-depth knowledge of the aircraft they're most likely to be using. As a licensed DJI supplier we're always in the loop with the latest developments in products and with an on-site repair centre we're here to help you beyond the point of sale. If you would like to find out how Heliguy's CAA PfCO training courses can bring your business into the drone age, there's plenty of information to be found on the training pages on our site. Want to speak to someone? No problem, we're available from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Email info@heliguy.com Call 0191 2961024


Keep checking back to Heliguy’s Insider blog for more information about commercial uses for UAVs, interviews with industry professionals and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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