Unlock DJI GO No Fly Zones

Unlock DJI GO No Fly Zones

Qualified pilots can now get round the No Fly Zone restrictions on DJI GO app by emailing DJI some paperwork about their flight plans.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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UPDATE: This service is no longer available. DJI’s No Fly Zones are a great safety feature on the DJI GO app (formerly the DJI Pilot) but for qualified commercial pilots who fly with the Phantom 3, the Inspire 1 and the new Matrice 100 it has seriously restricted their operations. The app limits where you can fly and was designed to stop inexperienced pilots from flying their drones into controlled or restricted airspace, especially around airports. The last thing you want to see is reckless or beginner pilots  flying their drone into the engine of a fully laden airliner that's just taken off.   DJI GO No Fly Zones Qualified drone pilots however have been trained about the strict regulations surrounding airports and other restricted areas such as power stations, defence establishments and transmitter masts. Commercial pilots are often commissioned to film in or near this type of location and would normally apply for permission through local Air Traffic Control and the owners or relevant organisations. Now DJI is offering a temporary unlocking service to operators until a permanent online service is made available. Commercial pilots will have to apply each time they need software restrictions lifted and will have to fill in the forms on our website before we forward them to DJI on your behalf.

This service is no longer available

Inspire against sky

How to apply for a DJI GO unlock

This service is no longer available. Please contact DJI for details. fly-safe-small-66dcd1d1676ff52980b882ac9af8fa2d No Fly Zones in Category A airspace

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