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Drone Hire

Drone Rental with Heliguy - Hire DJI Equipment Today

Primarily people come to Heliguy with a request to rent equipment when they need a drone for a short period to help out with a shoot, but don't actually need to purchase the drone to use long term.

Perhaps a job has become bigger than initially projected and a second Inspire 2 is needed. Perhaps there's a complex shot that requires the small form factor of the DJI Mavic? Perhaps you just want to see whether the Zenmuse X5R is worth the upgrade?

Whatever the circumstances, Heliguy's Drone Rental services will help you keep your business moving forward with short, medium or long term hire at competitive prices.


How does Heliguy's Drone Rental Service Work?

There are four simple steps to renting a drone or accessories from Heliguy:




Choose the equipment you need.




Submit an enquiry to Heliguy using the form below.




Sign rental agreement and upload proof of PfCO.




Your equipment will be dispatched using next day delivery.



Drone Rental Periods

Heliguy offer a range of rental terms to suit any budget or application:


Daily Drone Hire

From £90 inc VAT


Weekly Drone Hire

From £185 inc VAT


Monthly Drone Hire

Please Enquire


The longer your rental period, the lower the day rate will become and the better value the rental will be.

As soon as your agreement is signed and the equipment is agreed - Heliguy can dispatch your rental equipment straight away for next day delivery.

This range of terms gives you the flexibility to use one rental for multiple jobs and ensure you'll still have the right equipment if the parameters of the job change.


Which Drones can I Rent?

Heliguy can offer a wide range of equipment for hire, with the range expanding with demand.

Don't forget - you can always request a custom order and we'll do whatever we can to accomodate your needs.


Drone Hire FAQs


Do I need a PfCO to rent a drone from Heliguy?

Yes - to ensure the safety of the pilot hiring the equipment, Heliguy require proof that you personally, or your business, hold a current, valid PfCO.

Is insurance included in the price of a rental?

No - you will need to provide your own valid insurance policy that covers hired in goods and specifies drones - providers like Coverdrone are able to offer this facility on your annual policy or on an adhoc basis. You also need to factor loss of hire costs in the event that Heliguy is unable to hire out the equipment to other clients as a result of damage caused.

Can I get credit for purchasing equipment after a rental period?

Yes - If you hire a drone with Heliguy then decide that you’d like to purchase one for your own use, then we’ll offer a discount on the full purchase price of a new unit.

Do I have to pay to return the equipment?

No - both delivery of your equipment to your location, and collection after the rental period is complete, are included in the quoted price.

Can I use a hired drone for commercial operations?

Of course! Heliguy’s drone rental programme allows you to hire extra equipment for commercial operations, from a single Phantom 4 Pro for a specific shot, to a complex Inspire 2 bundle for a monthly shoot.

What excesses if I damage the equipment?

This depends on your own insurance policy - a typical excess for a commercial drone policy from Coverdrone is £250 for equipment claims.

Do I need public liability insurance to hire a drone?

Yes - our terms and conditions of hire state that you must have valid aviation insurance to comply with EC Regulation 785/2004, together with such other insurance as we may from time to time consider reasonably necessary and advise to you.

What is the lead time for booking?

Heliguy can ship items out upto 2pm Monday to Friday for next day delivery. However we advise checking well in advance to ensure that the equipment required is available. First time renters will need to complete an application form and undergo a background check - this can take upto 2 working days.

What do I need to rent from Heliguy?

You will need a copy of your insurance, a utility bill for the address the goods are being shipped too and a photo ID. We may also require professional references.

Drone Hire Options from Heliguy

Please see a list of the relevant equipment and pricing below.

DJI Inspire 2 Hire

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

Inspire 2 Bundle

Inspire 2 Props
2 x TB50
Inspire 2 Charger & Hub
Inspire 2 Controller
16GB MicroSD Card
ProRes and CinemaDNG Licence
HPRC Inspire 2 Case

Inspire 2 Quadcopter


TB50 Battery


CineSSD 480GB


CineSSD Station


Inspire 2 Charger & Hub


Inspire 2 Controller


Inspire 2 Props


Inspire 2 High Altitude Props


32GB MicroSD Card


Hoodman - iPad Mini


Phantom 4 Pro Hire

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

Phantom 4 Pro Bundle

P4 Pro
P4 Props - Full Set
P4 Pro Battery
P4 Pro Charger
P4 Pro Controller
16GB microSD Card
HPRC P4 Case

Polar Pro ND Filter 6-Pack


P4 Pro Charging Hub


P4 Pro Battery


P4 Pro Charger


Prop Guards


P4 Props - Full Set


Hoodman - iPad Mini


32GB MicroSD


Matrice 210 Hire

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

Matrice 210 Bundle

Matrice 210 Quadcopter
Cendence Remote Controller
7.85" High Brightness Crystalsky Monitor
2 x TB55 Batteries
Battery Charging Hub
16GB microSD Card
M210 Props
Dual Downward Camera Mount
Single Upward Camera Mount

TB55 Battery


TB50 Battery


Cendence Remote Controller


Ronin 2 Hire

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

Ronin 2 Professional Combo


TB50 Battery


Movi Pro Hire

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

Movi Pro Bundle

Movi Pro
Movi Ring Pro
MIMIC Controller
HPRC Movi Pro Case
Aerial Landing Skids
4 x Movi Pro Battery
2 x Movi Pro Charger
1 x COM to FRX Cable
1x MōVI Pro Accessory Bag
1x MōVI Rod Mount Adapter
2x Bolt ⅜ -16 x ⅝”
2x Bolt ¼ -20 x ½”
2x Bolt ¼ -20 x ⅜”
1x 2.00mm Hex Driver
1x 2.50mm Hex Driver

Cameras, Payloads and Lenses

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

X7 Camera without Lens


X7 Lens Kit


X7 Lens - 16mm


X7 Lens - 24mm


X7 Lens - 35mm


X7 Lens - 50mm


X5S Camera w/15mm Lens


X4S Camera


Zenmuse XT Thermal (19mm, 640, Radiometric, 30hz)


Zenmuse Z30 Zoom


Olympus 9-18mm w/ Balancing Ring


Olympus 12mm w/ Balancing Ring


Olympus 17mm w/ Balancing Ring


Olympus 25mm w/ Balancing Ring


Olympus 45mm w/ Balancing Ring


Panasonic 14-42mm w/ Balancing Ring


ND Filter Kit (46mm dia) 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9


ND Filter Kit (37mm dia) 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9


Battery Bundles

EquipmentDay RateWeek Rate

TB50 x 10


TB55 x 10


Phantom 4 Pro x 5


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