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Bespoke Product Development

HECTIC can design and produce intelligent modules that solve specific problems for customers. Examples include maintaining the centre of gravity for large cameras on three-axis gimbals, data-amalgamation boards from multiple sensors into a single data stream and smart landing pads for accurate landing in confined locations.

Custom Sensor Integration

HECTIC can design and produce custom mounting, carrying and power solutions for custom payloads on all DJI drones. These solutions can use external batteries or take power from the drones and can be mounted using specially-designed brackets made from metal or plastic, depending on the payload. In the past, we have integrated a Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor into an M200 series drone and large communications payloads onto a DJI Wind 8.

UAV Workflow Consultancy

HECTIC can design and produce tools that aid pilots to reduce ground time in jobs, perform maintenance on their drones and keep their equipment healthy. These tools include custom storage solutions and drone-cleaning kits.


Heliguy helped our Geomatics Group to choose and purchase the SUAs that are suitable for the group’s current and forthcoming research projects. The Heliguy employees have shown high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads.

Maria Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University



HECTIC is a new design and development service by Heliguy, creating bespoke items and offering custom solutions for commercial drone applications.
Using our many years of experience and expertise in the UAV industry, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians have launched this invaluable consultancy to provide tailor-made products and hardware and software integrations.
HECTIC - which stands for Heliguy Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre - is our specialised research and development arm, which can be used to turn people’s ideas into reality. 
So, if you have a solution to a problem in mind, but do not know how to produce it, that’s where HECTIC comes in.

Why Choose HECTIC?

HECTIC comprises a highly-skilled team, capable of in-house manufacturing, 3D printing and extremely quick concept/prototype designs and visual representations, as well as the ability to meet clients’ needs within budget. 

Here to Help

HECTIC already has a track record of helping clients in need and coming up with novel ideas to fix a problem.
Experienced drone pilot Oliver Sugars purchased a DJI Inspire 2 with DJI Zenmuse X7 camera and lens set from Heliguy for a two-week trip to Jordan, to film scenes for a National Geographic documentary.
Before setting off, he asked Heliguy to create a tool to enable him to utilise the hot swappable function of the Inspire 2. 
HECTIC set to work and created this very device. And it came in so useful; the bespoke tool has earned a permanent place on Olly’s belt when he is working. 
The hot-swappable tool is now available to buy from us.

HECTIC Project Timeline

Micro Project

0-9 hours development time.

One-off micro-projects for a pre-determined solution to be implemented by HECTIC.

Small Project

10-50 hours development time.

One-off small projects for specific parts with a specific purpose in mind.

Medium Project

51-200 hours development time.

Larger projects with custom integrations, prototypes and more ongoing consultation.

Large Project

200+ hours development time.

Development of new technology for applications that require more prototyping and development type.

Custom Drone Sensor Integration Examples

HECTIC has experience of creating custom mounting solutions to help their client's maximise the use of their sensor technology.

The team at HECTIC has helped various companies overcome issues with sensors being mounted incorrectly, interfering with other sensors and creating unique power or firing solutions to help use different sensors while in the air.

Some of these integrations have been completed in as little as 5 days for urgent applications.


Phantom 4 Parrot Sequoia

This unique sensor was mounted to the DJI Phantom 4. Including custom mount, power solution utilising the drone's battery and solution to GPS interference.

Slow-Mo Camera Matrice 600 Build

HECTIC created a custom mount, triggering system and live video transmission solution for this advanced slow motion camera on the DJI Matrice 600.

Matrice 210 Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia was also mounted to the DJI Matrice 210 drone using a custom 3D-printed mounting case and custom power solution.


I asked Heliguy to create a tool to enable me to utilise the hot swappable function of the Inspire 2. I put the tool on a retractable key ring. It came in so useful that the tool has earned a permanent place on my belt when I’m working.

Oliver Sugars - Photographer



HECTIC Case Study - Newcastle University

HECTIC completed a custom-build for Newcastle University - integrating a DJI Matrice 600 Pro with a LiDAR system by designing a custom-mounting solution. This was done thanks to HECTIC’s rapid in-house prototyping. LiDAR is a sensing technology that utilises light waves from a pulsing laser to capture minute measurements, which can then be used to create detailed 3D maps and models for a variety of different applications.Newcastle University planned to use this for numerous monitoring missions, including landslides, erosion and deformation and tree health.
"The Heliguy employees showed high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads."
Newcastle University


Integrating a Hyperspectral Camera with a DJI M600 Pro

HECTIC created a comprehensive custom build for leading videographer and photographer David McArthur, of Hummingbird Technologies - an artificial intelligence company for arable farmers. Our team integrated a hyperspectral camera onto a DJI M600 Pro. 

We designed a custom power supply utilising the power output of the Ronin-MX gimbal alongside an intelligent trigger system allowing the camera to take sophisticated and high-tech images autonomously and manually. Thanks to the intuitive design, the hyperspectral camera can be removed quickly and stored for transport.

We also integrated an ambient light sensor and GPS to the top of the drone, allowing the camera to encode GPS information into the images. This means that software, such as Pix4D, can be used to create composite images of large areas for mapping and data analysis.

Helping the James Hutton Institute

We helped the James Hutton Institute – an interdisciplinary scientific research institute in Scotland – by integrating a drone with a Sony A7R, thermal and MAIA multi-spectral camera. The multi-spectral camera also has a triggering system, which allows users to begin triggering the camera from the drone controller. 


The Heliguy Canine Head Camera

HECTIC doesn't just specialise in drones. Our expert team has also created a dog camera, which has been designed for the police and is ideal for a range of missions, including house clearances, firearms operations and search and rescue.   

This ultra-light bespoke tool features a high-definition camera which is attached to the dog and rapidly transmits footage back to a 4K screen which can be worn and monitored by police officers. The camera is mounted directly onto the dog’s head with two adjustable straps. The soft helmet holds the camera steady in place without causing discomfort to the dog.  

The camera allows the handler to work behind the dog from a position of safety but still gain a picture of what is happening ahead. The search and footage can be viewed by the dog handler who can identify changes in the dog’s behaviour or the operational firearms commander.

We demonstrated the Heliguy Canine Head Camera with Durham Police's Dog Support Unit and officers were pleased with what they saw. Sergeant Dave Bell said:   

"The camera is an excellent idea. We were impressed with the quality of the footage it produced and we would encourage others to use it."

Non-disclosure Agreement Projects

HECTIC is working on a number of exciting projects which are under NDA. While we can’t disclose too much about them at the moment, we can say that our research and development team is creating bespoke builds for a variety of sectors, including construction, security and the emergency services. At HECTIC, we know how sensitive some projects can be, so we are happy to enter into NDAs to ensure our clients’ ideas are kept secret. We won’t say a word to the outside world, until we are instructed otherwise.

HECTIC Project Step-by-Step Guide

1) You have an idea or requirement for a project.
2) Contact us and set up a phone call with our technicians to discuss the project requirements.
3) The project proposal/feasibility study is developed and a follow-up discussion is held to thrash out the details. A mutual agreement is then signed by both the client and Heliguy.
4) The project begins, with periodic reports produced to keep you updated on the progress of your project.
5) Once the functional prototype is complete, you can test the solution Heliguy have produced to make sure the concept is being delivered upon. You can then decide whether to move forward to the next phase.
6) Once the final product is completed, HECTIC will ask you to write a report on your experience using HECTIC and any changes you would wish to see in future projects.