Heliguy Drone Servicing

Heliguy Drone Servicing

Heliguy have introduced the Heliguy Drone Service for servicing across the DJI range. Find out what's included, pricing and why you should service your drone.

Last updated: Jul 04, 2022

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heliguy™ Drone Service heliguy™ recently introduced the heliguy™ Drone Service to help keep your drone up in the air for longer. Services are available for selected drones across the DJI product range. Like a car service, the Drone Service evaluates the health of your equipment for increased safety during use. Servicing your drone annually, or every six months for heavy users, can increase its lifespan by avoiding common issues that may result in a drone crash or costly damage. The heliguy™ Drone Service is beneficial for both hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to help keep drones from the DJI Spark up to the Matrice 600 healthy. Keep reading to find out what’s included in the heliguy™ Drone Service and the process involved.

What’s Included in Drone Servicing

The heliguy™ Drone Service is a comprehensive series of checks that assesses all aspects of your DJI aircraft and other hardware such as the batteries and remote controller. All services are completed by the DJI Technical Team who are trained and approved by DJI. The team have a wealth of experience with DJI repairs and custom builds, as well as general knowledge of the UAV and tech industries. Each service will cover a minimum the following areas if applicable for your individual aircraft:
  • Drone structure – The aircraft will be inspected for any cracks or damage present that could result in problems with the drone’s operation.
  • Motors – Each motor will be checked on the drone. This will ensure they’re functioning without any disruption to the mechanism.
  • Batteries – Batteries will be physically inspected for damage and undergo testing including cell variance.
  • Software updates – Software will be checked for the drone, batteries, camera, remote controller, etc. The software will be updated to the latest available version.
  • Cable checks – Cables will be checked to ensure they’re functioning without detrimental cable wear.
  • Camera – Images and videos are tested on the camera for correct functionality.
  • Calibration – Compass, IMU etc. will be checked to ensure they’re within DJI’s tolerance levels.
  • Landing gear check – landing gear is checked on appropriate drones e.g. Inspire 2. Landing gear tolerance and lubrication checks are complete.
  • Drone flight test – Following all services, a drone flight test is completed. This is a general stress test of the drone. It also includes GPS and remote controller signalling tests in our controlled flight field. Each test varies for different aircraft.
Each of the above areas has been carefully selected to evaluate the common issues caused during your drone flights. Keep reading for more on the heliguy™ Drone Service. heliguy™ Drone Service  

Why Service your Drone?

As we said above, the primary reason to service your drone is to increase safety during flight and identify any potential damage before it’s too late. Locating faults that may not be visible to the untrained eye, could be the difference between an avoidable drone crash and not. You will also receive an additional three-month warranty on any completed repairs following your service. A key reason for commercial drone operators to service their aircraft is not just increasing safety but potentially increasing your business. Clients looking for drone operators are much more likely to choose a pilot who has a certificate of regular checks of their equipment with a trained and approved Technical Team. Servicing can also reduce the risk of possible downtime to your business if there are any issues with your drone. As you can see, the key reasons for servicing are based on safety, however, even factors such as increasing the ability to sell your drone by effectively guaranteeing its safety. heliguy™ Drone Service

If you’re interested in trading in your drone, head to our Approved Used page for the details.


All DJI aircraft that are currently available through heliguy™ can be serviced. Each aircraft fits into one of the following categories; small drone service, medium drone service or heavy lift drone service. The following prices and drones are applicable: Small Drone Service - £99.00 – DJI Spark, Mavic Pro Range and the Phantom 4 range. Medium Drone Service - £149.00 – DJI Inspire Range, Matrice 200 and Matrice 210. Heavy Life Drone Service - £249.00 – DJI Matrice 210 RTK and Matrice 600 Range. heliguy™ Drone Service

Drone Service Process

The following seven-step process will apply for all heliguy™ Drone Services: 1 - Book a ticket through the heliguy™ Support System. Provide your personal details and drone. 2 – heliguy™ will send you a pre-paid postage label which covers the price of shipping to our head office in Newcastle. The price of shipping is included in the price of your service. Arrange a time to have your aircraft and equipment collected by the courier. 3 – Our Technical Team will complete all the checks for your aircraft and applicable accessories. 4 – If there are any necessary repairs, the team will contact you to let you know. A quote will be provided for any work required. Once approved, the repair will be booked through the heliguy™ repair process. 5 – The drone will undergo its flight test to ensure complete functionality. 6 – Following the completed service, our Technical Team will issue your Certificate of Service. 7 – Your equipment will be packaged and returned to you via next day delivery from our couriers. We aim to complete the process within ten working days. If a fault is found with your aircraft, your drone will enter the standard repair queue increasing the turnaround time to 28 days. heliguy™ Drone Service  

Video of heliguy™ Drone Service

Take a look at the video below demonstrating the heliguy™ Drone Service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqcrqGJ2byo


The heliguy™ Drone Service is a great way to increase the life expectancy of your DJI drone. Heliguy’s Technical Team have over 3000 repairs to date and a huge amount of experience dealing with DJI products. It’s fair to say, all of the heliguy™ team know them inside and out. For a hobbyist pilot, servicing your drone will give you added peace of mind for your flights. For a commercial drone operator, servicing ensures you and your clients can rely on your equipment functioning when you need it. Head to the heliguy™ servicing page for more information on the heliguy™ Drone Service. heliguy™ Drone Service
To discuss the heliguy™ Drone Service or any DJI or Freefly product, please give one of our team a call on 0191 296 1024 or email us at info@heliguy.com.
Keep checking back to Heliguy’s Insider Blog for more announcements, insights into drones and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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