Hubsan Quadcopters Now Available From Heliguy

Hubsan Quadcopters Now Available From Heliguy

Find out more about Heliguy's new range of affordable drones and 'nano' quadcopters from Shenzhen-based drone manufacturer, Hubsan.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021
Published on: Oct 28, 2020

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BannerHubsanAnnouncement As mentioned in a previous post, heliguy™ is now stocking a range of Hubsan quadcopters. Based in Shenzhen, the thriving technology hub at the heart of the drone marketplace, Hubsan (Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Co. Ltd.) were established in 2010. Since then they have gone on to develop and manufacture a range of popular, affordable drones which appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned hobbyists. Spanning a global market with an increasing demand for quality, affordable drones; Hubsan has proved it can deliver on both fronts. Read on for more information about the Hubsan quadcopter models we have available here at heliguy™ and what features are included in each.


The Hubsan H501S is an FPV quadcopter and features a built-in 1080P HD Camera, return to home mode, built-in GPS, Altitude Adjust and superior brushless motors for increased flight time and a headless flight mode to make the quad even easier to fly. HubsanH501S The built-in GPS enables the quadcopter to enter into failsafe mode if the connection to the radio transmitter is lost. In failsafe mode, the flight control system will automatically control the quadcopter and return to the home point and land safely. You can also manually switch the Quad to failsafe mode directly from the return to home function switch on the transmitter. The built-in GPS is also utilised for the Follow me mode which enables the quad to follow and record your activities. The multi-function transmitter features a built-in 4.3” FPV LCD screen displaying clear 5.8Ghz real-time video transmission from the Quad's onboard 1080P HD camera. It has conveniently placed switches and buttons on the front face of the transmitter for GPS, RTH and camera/video functions make this quad a pleasure to use. With a stylish and sleek new body shape, LED’s lighting up the feet the H501S is the ideal entry to a more rewarding FPV and Ariel camera footage experience. What sets the H501S apart from its rivals is its impressive array of features. The 1080P HD camera allows for some stunning aerial photography and videos coupled with the high capacity battery and altitude height adjust it can give flight times of 20-25 minutes.


  • Size: 220*220*70mm
  • Weight (including the battery): 410g
  • Battery: 4V 2300mAh LiPo
  • Camera: 1080P
  • Motor: Brushless Motors KV1650 PM1806
  • Flight Time: 19-20 minutes
  • Charging Time: 150 minutes

Visit our Hubsan 501S page for more information.


Hubsan H502C

Straight away, upon opening the box, you'll notice the sleek, refined looks of Hubsan’s 502c. This impressive quadcopter features GPS, Altitude Hold and Return to Home functionality. It's a little bit larger than some of the previous quadcopters Hubsan has released, providing a great mid-point model and offering amazing value. All video is captured by a forward mounted sensor which saves your footage to a microSD card. HubsanH502C The 400mAh lipo battery will keep your Hubsan H502C in the air for a good 7-10 minutes, allowing you time to get some great shots. Also included is the intuitive Hubsan controller, which makes for comfortable flights even in the hands of beginners. The H502C comes complete with a built-in 720P HD camera designed to capture stunning pictures and videos as you fly. With headless mode function, there is no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying. Return to home with one button. 6-axis gyro enabling more stable flight and control. 4 Channel with LED light. Specifications
  • Size: 225*225*60mm
  • Weight (including battery): 115±5g
  • Battery: 4V 400 mAh
  • Camera: 720P
  • Motor: Coreless 0820 x44 LED indicators & Rubber feet
  • Transmitter Range: 200±15 m
  • Flight Time: 7-10 minutes
  • Charging Time: 90-110 minutes

Visit our Hubsan H502C page for more information.


Hubsan H111D

Featuring a 720P camera for recording and photography and the ability to fly in FPV, Hubsan’s H111D is a small yet powerful camera drone. A 5.8G transmitter with 4.3-inch LCD screen monitor ensure that you’re always in control of the craft and Altitude Hold Mode is also included. HubsanH111D The four channel transmitter controls a wide range of movements and the addition of Headless Mode means that there’s no need to adjust the position of the H111D before flying. This gives you more freedom to attempt an exciting range of flips and rolls. A high-performance quadcopter, its 6-axis gyro system ensures stability and ease of operation. The Hubsan H111D is also equipped with a protection module that prevents any battery overcharging. Specifications
  • Size: 8*6.8*2.5cm
  • Weight (including the battery): 17.8g
  • Motors: Coreless 0614
  • Flight Time: 5.5-6.5 minutes
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes
  • Maximum Level Flight Speed: 10m/s
  • Battery: 7V(1S)180mAh LiPo

Visit our Hubsan H111D page for more information.


Hubsan X4

An incredible quadcopter, so compact it can fit comfortably in your hand and tackle precise, controlled exercises into the narrowest of spaces. The X4’s motors give you the versatility to perform expert take-offs and vertical climbs. HubsanX4 Hubsan’s X4 offers two flight modes: Beginner, for those aiming to become proficient at flight basics, and Advanced, for those experienced in piloting a craft. In Advanced mode, the X4 can execute a range of aerial stunts. This newly improved version allows you to activate an anti-flip mode by pressing down on the left stick, so now you can fly as proficiently and assertively as you wish without worrying about executing an inadvertent flip. It features a precision 2.4Ghz control with transmitter included, a 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity and a compact, lightweight airframe for ease of portability and flying. Despite being low on weight, the X4 has an impressively strong, durable body. Specifications
  • Size: 60x60mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Battery: 240mAh LiPo
  • Motor: Coreless motor
  • Charge Time: 30 minutes
  • Flight Time: 9 minutes
  • Frequency: 4Ghz

Visit our Hubsan X4 page for more information.


Hubsan H107C

The H107C comes ready-to-fly with a 4-channel LCD display 2.4gHz transmitter that features adjustable sensitivity modes for normal or expert flight. Charging for the 380mAh LiPo battery is handled via a USB charge cable. HubsanH107C The H107C version includes a front mounted camera with a video recording function. Just insert a Micro SDHC and experience a birds-eye view from your Hubsan quadcopter. To balance the extra weight, the H107C is fitted with larger more powerful motors. Featuring a neat moulded fully enclosed fuselage to protect the main electronics, the stylish design looks and performs fantastically in flight. Turning cycles, figures of eight and banking are simple. Super stable indoors or even outside on a calm day. The supplied power system provides more than enough power to allow for flip somersaults and rolls. It also comes complete with the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Specifications
  • Size: 8*8*2.5cm
  • Weight (including battery & props): 202g
  • Motor: Coreless Motor
  • Battery:7V 380mAh
  • Flight Time: 7 minutes
  • Charge Time: 40 minutes
  • Transmitter:4Ghz 4 channels

Visit our Hubsan H107C page for more information.


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