Six times drones have helped with disaster response

How drones have helped following major disasters, such as the California Camp Fire, Hurricane Irma, Genoa Bridge Collapse and Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire.

UPDATE: DJI unveils beta phase of Qualified Entities Programme

DJI has added more drones to its Qualified Entities Programme, allowing public-safety personnel to conduct drone operations without restriction.

New features for DJI Ronin-S

Firmware update issued for DJI Ronin-S, offering increased capability and enhanced settings for Nikon, Canon and Panasonic cameras.

15 drone apps to help you

Check out some of the best drone apps for mapping, photography, weather forecasts, regulations and safe flights.

Seven reasons why DJI FlightHub Enterprise is better than DJI FlightHub Basic and Advanced

An in-depth look at the differences between the new DJI FlightHub Enterprise and the older Basic and Advanced versions.

Turn your ideas into reality - Heliguy launches R&D service

Heliguy unveils new research and development service, offering bespoke product development, custom senor integration and UAV workflow consultancy.

DJI launches Ronin-S Essentials Kit

DJI has unveiled the Ronin-S Essentials Kit. Find out what is in the Essentials Kit and how it compares to the Standard package.

Firmware update for DJI Phantom 4 RTK - v01.07.0118

    DJI has updated the firmware for the Phantom 4 RTK to improve flight safety and experience –and users should upgrade ASAP.

Heliguy to exhibit at major Security and Policing expo

Heliguy will showcase drone-detection solutions, the new M200 Series V2, commercial drones and R&D department HECTIC.

DJI M200 Series V2 versus DJI M200 Series

A look at how the new DJI M200 Series V2 compares to the original DJI M200 Series

DJI launch Matrice 200 Series V2

The new M200 Series V2 is an industrial drone platform with improved features, designed for professionals in public safety, infrastructure, construction and energy inspections.

DJI M200 used for offshore inspections by Skeye BV for oil major

    Skeye BV is using drones to carry out offshore inspections –benefiting from enhanced safety and increased efficiency.

VIDEO: Thermal comparison - DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual v Zenmuse XT2

Video and in-depth review: How the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, Zenmuse XT2 and Viewpro cameras compare as thermal options for commercial drone users.

DJI Phantom 4 RTK: Survey-grade accuracy confirmed!

    Save time and money and improve site safety –study shows you get great results with the Phantom 4 RTK without having to put out lots of ground-control points

Heliguy selling Elistair tethered-drone solutions

    Tethered drone systems provide extra-long flight times for UAVs –great for the emergency services, the Armed Forces and large-scale sporting events.

Drones a key tool for construction sites

    Improve safety, save money and increase efficiency –why you should use drones on your construction site.

Drone evolution - rise of the machines

Find out how drones are being used more and more for enterprise solutions and how they can help you.

Is RTK the future of drone mapping?

    RTK v PPK v Ground Control Points –which one is best for you?

Firmware update for Phantom 4 RTK - v01.07.0116

DJI has updated the firmware for the Phantom 4 RTK and users are urged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Drones vital to superfast broadband rollout

Drones are playing a vital role in the delivery of superfast broadband in some of England's most remote areas, as well as helping farmers fight rural crime.