Phantom 4 Disconnected Message in DJI GO – Diagnosis and Fixes

Step by step guide to fixing the "Aircraft Disconnected" error in DJI Go when using the Phantom 4.

My Inspire 1 is Stuck in Travel Mode – How can I Fix It?

A step by step guide on how to get your Inspire 1 out of travel mode if it has got stuck in that mode.

Heliguy Support: Still Having Trouble Updating Your Inspire?

We’ve previously posted about the dreaded ‘RC Signal Lost’ issue some Inspire 1 owners are having when updating their craft. Unfortunately, we’re still hearing that people are having trouble with this, especially those using iOS devices. Currently, for many Inspire 1 users with the DJI app on their Apple device, the remote controller version is... Read More

DJI Phantom 4 - Firmware Upgrade Warning

Here is some important information for users of the DJI Phantom 4. The Heliguy Repair Centre has had a number of calls related to the most recent version of the DJI Phantom 4‘s firmware. In short, it’s become clear that you must update the firmware on the craft before doing so on the contoller. The update... Read More

DJI Inspire 1 Upgrade Warning

The most recent release notes from DJI have identified a potential issue caused by a security update leaving Inspire 1 models unable to exit Transport mode.

Fixing a Water Damaged Drone: First Response, Repairing & Waterproofing

What can you do if your drone crashes in water? Here are some Heliguy hints & tips on the best ways of dealing with a waterlogged quadcopter.

Heliguy's Tech Team for Builds and Repairs

Your drone deserves the best tech support. Heliguy has skilled technicians for building and repairing drones & we also offer care packages.

GPS, Attitude and Manual

What is the difference between GPS, Atti and Manual flying? Heliguy tell you the difference and how they affect your UAV.

FPV System Foolproof Guide with Trouble Shooting

In this FPV demonstration we are using a DJI Phantom 2 with DJI Zenmuse H3-3D but the same guide apples to all Heliguy FPV builds.