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RC Helicopters in the UK

RC Helicopters in the UK

Remote Control Helicopters - Get Started In Remote Controlled Helicopters

Heliguy supply remote control (RC) Helicopters from the likes of eSky, Align, Interceptor and also our own Heliguy brand. We also stock spares for the remote controlled helicopters we sell.

What is paramount in the RC helicopters world is support. Whether you are looking for Ready to Fly or helicopter kits, we can advise beginners to pros on what the next step is.

We sell remote controlled helicopter, spares for remote control helicopters and related equipment. We are more than just a retail outlet, we are a support directory for all helicopter related issues.
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For the very beginners we have the cheap RC helicopters such as our Heliguy Atom. If you are looking at the quadcopter route, then the Viper is what we start everybody on, its cheaper than the DJI Phantom so if you crash it is much less expensive to replace or repair. Once you are ready, invest in the Phantom quadcopter and start making money.


Once you are ready for the next step, we recommend our Firefly or the DJI Inspire 1. Heliguy supply all the spare parts for these RC helicopter and quadcopter too, so if your in a accident and need to repair, or even just upgrade, come to us.


For the RC Helicopters pro out there, anything from Align over 500 is right up your street. If you have gone down the quadcopter route, and you are looking to make big bucks then after the Phantom is the DJI S1000+, S900 and the Freefly Alta.

Looking for the latest DJI Quadcopters?

Heliguy has you covered:


Golden Rules for Beginner Helicopter Pilots

  1. Always buy a helicopter with a minimum 4 channels - anything less and it won't fly in all directions. All heliguy rc helicopters don't drop below this spec. 4 channels are more challenging but when mastered a 1000x's better and will set you up for potentially any other advanced helicopter we sell.

  2. Buy a helicopter with good back up and support you may need spares, upgrades, phone or email support and even someone that can repair it if goes wrong. All Heliguy helicopters come with spares and we also have the experience and backup to resolve any tech issues you may come across.

  3. Buy training aids to accompany your helicopter spending some time practicing will really paid dividends once you are up in the air. The training aids include ping pong balls (stabilisers) that can be bought at discount with the main helicopter, as well as extra parts. View an installation guide

  4. Consider a flight sim - Phoenix provides the most realistic experience and graphics or you can download our FREE FMS flight sim. (most heliguy helis come with a free cable for this but please double check). You can then practice on your computer and build your confidence up before starting for real.

  5. Have realistic expectations - rc helis are amazing fun but you should resist the temptation to attempt loop-the-loops on your first go. Try moving your rc along the floor first, then fly it just a foot or so above the ground, until you feel in control. Some helicopters are easier than others to hover, so give us a call if you want advice.