DJI Spark - New Sphere Mode

DJI Spark - New Sphere Mode

DJI have announced the release of the new Sphere Mode for the DJI Spark.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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DJI Spark - New Sphere Mode Last week, at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany, DJI announced the release of the following new aircraft: Along with these two new products, an update for the Spark was also announced with an exciting new feature to enhance the experience of the Spark pilot and create a brand-new type of image. The update fits perfectly with the design of the Spark and its position as the best drone for consumers on the market. Keep reading for the full details on the latest update coming to the Spark.

All New Sphere Mode

The new Sphere mode for the Spark allows users to create a 360° panoramic photo with a fisheye lens effect. Little has been said about how to use the mode yet but it’s expected that images taken from higher vantage points will capture larger areas. In order to achieve a 360° panorama image in the past, it would have been much more difficult and time-consuming. Either a third party 360° camera would need to be mounted on the drone which would affect its stability and battery life, or you would have to take a lot of precisely timed and positioned images then, manually stitch the images together in photo editing software. It’s an interesting update for the Spark especially as it follows the previous mandatory update which focussed on the safety of the drone.  It’s great to see DJI have worked on this new mode that’s designed simply to improve the experience of Spark pilots and give them more options. DJI have advised this will be included in the next firmware update and through the DJI GO 4 app but an official date has not yet been announced. DJI Spark Hovering

Other Spark Modes

The new Sphere mode is a great addition to those already available on the Spark. Here are some of the other modes that can be used on the Spark: Rocket Modethe Spark ascends with the camera pointing downwards. Dronie Modethe Spark will fly backwards and upwards with the camera facing a fixed point. Circle Modethe Spark will focus the camera on a set target and fly around it. Helix Modethe Spark will focus the camera on a specified target whilst circling and ascending. Gesture Modethe Spark is can be controlled using hand gestures for PalmControl, Selfies and more. Scott from heliguy™ Controlling the Spark at the DJI New Pilot Experience


The new Sphere mode is a great update to the Spark that will be exciting to Spark owners. It will be interesting to see whether this will be available on other DJI products in the future such as the Mavic Pro range. Any additions to increase the functionality of DJI's drones is welcomed and hopefully, this is a starting point for DJI to make more options available within their coming updates.


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