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Delivery Drone Launched By DJI

DJI has launched a delivery drone. The new DJI FlyCart 30 sees DJI officially enter the drone delivery market.

SLAM vs GNSS For LiDAR Surveying

Comparison between SLAM and GNSS for LiDAR surveying. Find out the differences and advantages of using either of these methods for surveying, and how solutions from GeoSLAM and DJI can collect accurate and reliable LiDAR data.

Heliguy Offers AirHUD Augmented Reality Software For Drone Pilots

heliguy™ is offering the AirHUD augmented reality solution. AR technology overlays digital information onto real-world environments and helps drone operators benefit from improved navigation capabilities and enhanced situational awareness. It also provides additional drone training benefits, such as flying in simulated environments.

Firmware Update Streamlines Access Of Emlid GNSS Receivers In A Browser

Firmware update provides a range of upgrades for surveyors using Emlid GNSS receivers. This includes simplified access to a Reach receiver in a browser.

Cloud-Based Software vs Local Desktop Processing for Drone Surveying

Comparison guide between cloud-based software and local desktop processing for drone survey data. Find out which is best for your operations and learn about the industry-leading software solutions for drone mapping.

10 Best Features Of The DJI Air 3

Review of the DJI Air 3. Find out about the top features of this compact camera drone, including its dual imaging system and 46 minutes of maximum flight time, and discover how the DJI Air 3 can benefit aerial content creation.

DJI Air 3 vs DJI Air 2S vs DJI Mavic 3 Pro

In-depth comparison between the DJI Air 3, DJI Air 2S, and the Mavic 3 Pro. Find out which DJI camera drone is best for you.

DJI Terra Firmware Update: Automatic GCP Marking, LiDAR Ground Classification, And Model Size Reduction

Comprehensive guide to the new features in DJI Terra. Firmware upgrade V3.7.0 brings with it automatic GCP marking, ground classification for LiDAR data, and a feature to reduce model sizes for shorter loading times. This update improves workflows when processing drone LiDAR and photogrammetry data.

DJI Terra LiDAR Ground Classification Workflow

New firmware update enables DJI Terra to conduct LiDAR point cloud ground classification. In-depth workflow guide to ground classification, using sample data collected with the DJI Zenmuse L1.

Automatic GCP Marking Workflow in DJI Terra

In-depth workflow guide to conducting automatic ground control point marking in DJI Terra with drone photogrammetry data. This new feature can increase efficiency by more than 90%, compared to manually marking all GCPs in a photogrammetry data set.

DJI Terra Automatic 3D Block Alignment Workflow

Find out how to conduct automatic 3D block alignment of drone survey data in DJI Terra. This workflow, introduced as part of a firmware update, minimises errors in the data set and eliminates distortion.


UK CAA Proposes Changes To Drone Pilot Training In Specific Category

UK CAA releases consultation on proposals to restructure remote pilot competency training for drone operations in the Specific Category. The CAA says it will enable more complex and scalable UAS operations. The drone community is encouraged to have its say, as part of the consultation.

Stockpile Surveys Streamlined With New Terrasolid LiDAR Tool

A new tool has been added to Terrasolid's TerraModeler application to streamline stockpile volumetrics with a LiDAR point cloud, including data collected with the DJI Zenmuse L1. Find out how the software simplifies stockpile management and learn about the workflow to streamline calculations.

Drone Mapping With DJI Terra

DJI Terra is an easy-to-use drone mapping software, developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets. See our exclusive data sets to see how powerful DJI Terra is.

How To Pick The Best Camera For Drone Photogrammetry

In-depth guide to choosing the best camera for drone photogrammetry. Find out how sensor size, resolution, type of shutter and other factors can impact the quality of your aerial survey data and efficiency of your mission, and learn about the best DJI solutions for drone mapping.

Benefits of Terrain Follow Mode With DJI Drones For Aerial Surveying

Guide to using Terrain Follow during aerial surveys with DJI drones. Find out how Terrain Follow can benefit drone mapping operations, including helping to collect more accurate data collection, and learn about the best workflows within Terrain Follow mode.

Heliguy Helps Keltbray Cut Carbon Emissions By Using Drones For Utility Inspections

Keltbray thanks its drone partner heliguy™ for supporting the growth of its UAS programme after winning a Green Apple World Environmental Award for cutting carbon emissions by using drones for utility inspection. Keltbray says drones also make powerline inspections more efficient, safe, and data-rich.

Heliguy completes DJI Dock maintenance training

heliguy™ engineers have undertaken specialist technical training for the DJI Dock to facilitate full drone in a box servicing and maintenance. The in-depth course involved a theoretical assessment and full assembly and disassembly of the Dock.

Automated Drone Deployment With FlytNow And DJI Dock

FlytNow is a cloud-based software which integrates seamlessly with the DJI Dock. Find out about its key features and functionality, and how FlytNow can empower remote and automated drone-in-a-box operations.

Determining ROI Of DJI Dock For Utilities Inspections

DJI Dock can revolutionise the utility sector. Find out how this drone in a box increases efficiency and ROI for solar panel inspections, and how teams are conducting automated and remote power grid operations to replace manual inspections for improved safety.