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Freefly Pilot
Freefly Pilot

Freefly Pilot

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Full Description

Freefly Pilot - A New Level Of Control

Freefly has created the Pilot to give users greater control over their filmmaking and the MoVI series in general including Focus / Iris / Zoom, MoVI Pointing and a range of other settings allowing you to focus on getting the best possible results.

A Wide Range of Camera Options

Freefly's Pilot is built to integrate tightly with RED, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, and LANC cameras. With RED RCP support, you can have complete control of your RED camera from 600+ feet away.

See below for a list of cameras and the control Pilot offers:

    • RED: Full camera control via RCP
    • ARRI: Start/Stop
    • Sony: LANC/Multi Terminal
    • Canon: LANC
    • Phantom: Start/Stop

Pilot was designed to integrate seamlessly with the MoVI Pro ecosystem. It gives users the ability to adjust key MōVI parameters and get real-time feedback from the MoVI from 600+ feet away. It's built on the same core frequency hopping spread spectrum 2.4Ghz link that is found in the MoVI Pro.

Freefly Pilot
Freefly Pilot Cutaway

Control Freefly Accessories

The Freefly Pilot can control both the MoVI and F/I/Z outputs using Freefly’s patented MIMIC technology. Users can move the Pilot controller to control camera pointing, as well as Focus, Iris, or Zoom.

Freefly's Pilot features a 75mm soft touch focus knob with adjustable damping and a high-resolution 16bit encoder to give users precise real-time control of Focus / Iris / Zoom or any axes of MoVI Control and can quickly mount to just about anything including:

    • Tripod
    • MoVI Handles
    • ¼ 20 Mount
    • 25mm tube

Rosette Mounts

20mm Rosettes allow the Pilot Focus and Iris blocks to mount to just about anything. Freefly has developed a variety of Rosette mounts that allow you to mount these blocks to the entire product ecosystem, these include:

    • 25mm Tube Mount
    • 30mm Tube Mount
    • ¼ 20 to Rosette Mount
Freefly Pilot Handlebar
Freefly Pilot Modular

Choose Your Grip

Pilot offers 3 distinct grip options for users as well as the info to build your own:

    • Walnut wood grip
    • Rubber grip 
    • 3D print your own (coming soon)

It also gives the ability to define and assign specific controls to separate and independent units. You can give Iris control to one person while retaining focus and zoom on a separate unit. Each unit has its own internal battery and communicates wirelessly to the MoVI from 600+ feet.

Product Specification

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