Heliguy Repair Refresh vs DJI Care Refresh. 30/12/2020

Drone Crash Cover: Heliguy Repair Refresh vs DJI Care Refresh

Heliguy Repair Refresh and DJI Care Refresh are drone crash cover policies; Repair Refresh can be more than 40% cheaper than Care Refresh; Heliguy Repair Refresh is a one-off payment (policy and repair/replacement); DJI Care Refresh has a policy fee, plus additional replacement fees; Depending on the plan, DJI Care Refresh can cover multiple replacements over two years; Heliguy Repair Refresh offers one repair over a 12-month period. Buying a drone, gimbal or camera is a big and important investment. The last thing you want is that equipment getting damaged... Read More

CSM Radar integrated with the M300 RTK. 18/12/2020

New CSM Radar Collision Avoidance System For DJI M300 RTK

CSM Radar for M300 RTK can detect thin obstacles, such as wires and branches; System can detect objects up to 30 metres away and has 360° coverage; Radar functions at night and has IP45 rating, providing safer flights across a larger range of missions; Augments the drone’s built-in sensors to enhance situational awareness; The drone will brake if it gets too close to obstacles. The M300 RTK is DJI’s safest enterprise drone to date – and it is just about to get even safer, thanks to the imminent release of... Read More


DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced vs Dual vs Zoom

The key differences between the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Dual, and Zoom are: Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has a higher resolution visual sensor; 48MP vs 12MP; The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has a better thermal resolution; 640 x 512 px vs 160 x 120; Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has better zoom functionality; 32x digital zoom vs 3x digital zoom on the M2E Zoom, and 4x on the Dual. It also has a 16x thermal zoom; The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can be integrated with an RTK module. The M2E Dual... Read More

DJI launches Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone. 15/12/2020

DJI Launch Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Drone

DJI has unveiled the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced – which features powerful thermal and visual sensors, RTK capabilities, and up to 32x zoom. This new drone is the latest addition to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Series and features some key upgrades to set it apart. These crucial enhancements make the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced a powerful tool for complex missions throughout public safety, search and rescue, and industrial inspections. Key features include: HD 640 x 512 px radiometric thermal resolution camera 48MP visual camera 1/2″ CMOS sensor Capture HD and... Read More

Best DJI drones for surveying. 10/12/2020

Best DJI Drones For Surveying

Drones have become a vital piece of kit for surveyors. Deploying unmanned aircraft on job sites yields fast and accurate data capture – gathered safely and efficiently. One statistic shows that collecting topographic data with a drone is up to five times faster than with land-based methods and requires less manpower. But what is the best drone for aerial surveying and mapping? Until recently, the two DJI drones which stood out were the Phantom 4 RTK and the M210 RTK V2 with X7 camera. However, the unveiling of the P1... Read More

Using the Phantom 4 RTK for city asset management. 09/12/2020

Asset Management With DJI Drones

The City of Henderson Engineering Department, USA, is using drones for easier asset management and to collect topographic data for future facilities improvements; DJI Phantom 4 RTK deployed for a range of projects, including cemetery land management, a waterline installation, and mapping Downtown Henderson; Department describes drones as a ‘critical tool for managing city assets’ and the P4 RTK as being ‘valuable for accurate and efficient’ data collection; Department says P4 RTK can achieve 1.5cm horizontal and 2cm vertical accuracies, with ground control points; Heliguy has helped the Department start... Read More

Could DJI drones be retrospectively class marked? 24/11/2020
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Can DJI Drones Be Retrospectively CE Class Marked?

Current DJI drones could receive retrospective CE class markings to enable pilots to enjoy greater freedoms under new European drone laws. The global UAS manufacturer has hinted at the possibility of updating its existing products to make them compliant with the soon-to-be-introduced CE class identification system. If this happens, it would open up more opportunities for pilots under the new rules; for instance, allowing them to fly closer to people without needing a standard permission. New CE Markings For Drones Under the rules – to start in Europe and the... Read More

DJI launches Mini 2 drone. 05/11/2020

DJI Launches Mini 2 4K Camera Drone

DJI has launched the Mini 2 – weighing less than 249 grams and featuring a 4K camera. This high-performance camera drone is a follow-up to the ground-breaking Mavic Mini. The easy-to-fly DJI Mini 2 features improved imaging capabilities, powerful flight performance, and significantly enhanced transmission technology for a longer and more reliable connection. Intelligent, pre-programmed modes have been optimised to help capture eye-catching footage with just a few taps. Beginner tutorials and learning tools enable new pilots to get up to speed on how to fly this fun new drone.... Read More

Mini 2 v Mavic Mini 05/11/2020

DJI Mini 2 Drone v Mavic Mini

The DJI Mini 2 is a brand new lightweight drone at a competitive price point – but how does it stack up against the original DJI Mavic Mini? When DJI launched the Mavic Mini drone in October 2019, it was hailed as groundbreaking. This teeny-tiny drone weighing sub-250g was something of a revelation. Yet, for all its innovation, there were some niggles; notably the lack of a 4K camera. Fast forward a year, and DJI has just released the Mavic Mini’s successor: the Mini 2. So, how does this newbie... Read More

The M300 RTK can be flown in light rain. 30/10/2020

How Waterproof Is The DJI M300 RTK Drone?

Can the M300 RTK fly in the rain? Find out as it is put through a series of water tests; The drone is also subjected to wind, temperature and salt/steam simulations; M300 RTK has an IP45 rating; DJI’s most weatherproof drone to date; Tips to keep your M300 RTK flying in difficult weather conditions. Entombed in a salt and steam simulator for two days and blasted with a powerful water hose – new footage shows the incredible weather resistance of the M300 RTK. As DJI’s flagship commercial aircraft, this enterprise... Read More