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Why You Should Choose Heliguy For Drone Repairs

Need your drone repaired? Find out how Heliguy can help you; Heliguy has an in-house DJI-approved technical department with an experienced team offering rapid repairs; Heliguy can also offer drone servicing, as well as custom builds and integrations; Heliguy offers repairs and maintenance for all of the DJI drones which are currently available, as well as some discontinued models. As a drone pilot, one of the most frustrating things is damaging your aircraft or discovering a fault. Such problems mean a period of downtime; annoying as a hobbyist, potentially costly... Read More


Flying A Drone In The Rain: A Guide To IP Ratings

A guide to IP Ratings and how they relate to flying a drone; See our IP Ratings table, and learn what each digit in an IP code represents, and what an X or an M means in an IP Rating; IP Ratings will be part of the syllabus for the A2 Certificate of Competency, as part of European legislation due to start in the UK in the summer; Several DJI aircraft have IP Ratings, including the M200 Series. Understanding IP Ratings and how this affects your drone’s tolerance to the... Read More

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Firmware update for DJI Phantom 4 RTK

DJI has updated the firmware for the Phantom 4 RTK to improve flight safety and experience – and users are being encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. What’s New? Improved battery stability and safety after the battery was not fully charged and discharged during long-term storage. If you have multiple batteries, please run this firmware update on all of them. Upgrade Method – DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom/MG Download and install DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom: https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/dji_assistant/20181028/Phantom/DJI+Assistant+2+For+Phantom+2.0.6.exe Connect your aircraft/remote control to your computer Open DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom... Read More

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Heliguy launches fast-track drone-repair service

Heliguy has launched Fast-track Repair – a new service to fix drones within 72 hours.   Our new maintenance programme is designed to help UAV operators who need to get their damaged aircraft back into the air quickly. Thanks to our skilled and experienced team of technicians, Heliguy already offers a comprehensive repair service, but the Fast-track scheme takes this one step further. This is especially useful for those with time-critical missions in mind, such as the emergency services.  Our speedy solution to fixing your drone is priced at £75, as... Read More

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Firmware update for Phantom 4 RTK

DJI has updated the firmware for the Phantom 4 RTK and users are urged to upgrade as soon as possible. The company has issued the upgrade to ‘improve flight safety and user experience’, saying it should address a number of issues and offer users additional options and support. DJI has advised that, because the firmware update is fairly large, it could take some time to upload. The Phantom 4 RTK was launched in the autumn and is a high-class mapping and surveying drone, offering centimetre-level positioning data in real-time. What’s New?... Read More


DJI issues further TB50 and TB55 firmware updates

DJI has released new firmware updates for users of TB50 and TB55 batteries which address the small number of reports of Matrice 200 Series drones experiencing early Return-to-Home (RTH) or Automatic Landing (AL). These cases are not due to product performance issues, but are false alarms triggered by conservative measures DJI implemented last month to prevent any further potential of M200 series drones experiencing loss of power mid-flight. DJI continues a thorough investigation of the root cause of the issue until it is fully resolved. DJI says that this new... Read More

DJI Responds to TB50 and TB55 Battery Issues 09/11/2018
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DJI ‘not shying away’ from TB50 And TB55 battery issue

DJI is taking the TB50 and TB55 battery issue very seriously, saying that it has confirmed the cause of the problem and it will be fixed in two stages, starting with the release of a firmware update next week which will ensure that drones which use these batteries can fly safely again. On Tuesday, at the Heliguy Emergency Services Roadshow, in Lincoln, held in partnership with DJI, the Chinese-based technology giant announced that it is ‘working round the clock’ to find a solution to the recent issues with TB50 and... Read More

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Heliguy Drone Servicing

Heliguy recently introduced the Heliguy Drone Service to help keep your drone up in the air for longer. Services are available for selected drones across the DJI product range. Like a car service, the Drone Service evaluates the health of your equipment for increased safety during use. Servicing your drone annually, or every six months for heavy users, can increase its lifespan by avoiding common issues that may result in a drone crash or costly damage. The Heliguy Drone Service is beneficial for both hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to... Read More


Heliguy Recommendations to Avoid Drone Crashes

Following our recent post about drone flyaways, Heliguy are continuing to look at how to help you fly your drone as safely as possible. In this post, we will explore the most common reasons for drone crashes that could have been avoided by the pilot. As you may expect, there is some crossover between crashes and flyaways and why they can occur so we will be focussing on different causes to those in out flyaways post. These tips have come from Heliguy’s Technical Team, Sales Team and Training Team and... Read More


Heliguy Recommendations to Avoid User Error Flyaways

Flyaways are a worrying thing for all drone pilots from beginners to professionals as they can result in a potentially deadly crash or the loss of a drone. Following an investigation by our Technical Team, we discovered a large number of flyaways are caused by pilot error and could be avoided. Here are Heliguy’s top causes of flyaways and our recommendations to prevent them occurring to keep your drone safe.   Flying Your Drone Out of Your Line of Sight Cause – In the UK, the CAA’s Dronecode states users... Read More